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I would recommend Jason he is great at helping with any muscle rehabilitation and also will help you achieve any goals you set and is very knowledgeable in the field of his work.
I highly suggest making him your PT because you are going to see results as I have .


I’ve been trained by Jason for several years both in classes and PT and have always found him to be knowledgeable, proficient and experienced trainer.
I have no hesitation recommending Jason’s Womens Self Defence course. Comprehensive documentation combined with expert guidance through the techniques (which Jason can modify if and when required) adds up to excellent value for money.


Before training with Jason, I was running excessively and exhausting myself through cardio only exercise.
I was at risk of injury from overtraining and I lacked self-control and knowing my limits. Exercise became a chore and I began to lack the motivation. I needed to challenge myself and channel my energy better before I lost interest completely.
Jason took into account my key strengths (running) and directed me down the pathway of strength training to compliment it.
He incorporated specific weight exercises to enhance my endurance, minimise injury, gain lean body mass, recondition my joints and enhance my mobility.
Jason shifted my attention to train smarter and gave me a massive confidence boost with my mental health issues; in the way I felt and look.
Physically I have become stronger, fitter and faster with my race times.
He has taught me the important fundamentals to enjoy exercise and perform at my peak.
To perform at your full potential, you can’t do it alone.
Becoming stuck in a rut will only compromise your mentality and decrease your motivation towards exercise.
Unfortunately, individual goal results don’t always happen. Making a positive change starts with YOU giving a personal session a go.
Allow Jason to unlock your fitness goal potential with his comprehensive knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism.
I promise you’ll never turn back.


After doing Jason's Course I felt really safe and in control


I have had the opportunity to have Jason train me as my PT, women’s self-defence teacher and as my training partner in martial arts. Before I started with Jason, I didn’t feel very confident in defending myself in an emergency situation. Jason would always break down the exercises into small chunks so nothing felt to hard.
After training in both martial arts and personal training I’ve never felt fitter and more confident in looking after myself. He has constantly inspired me throughout all of my training. “I CAN’T” is a phrase l learnt very quickly didn’t exist, as I am the strongest and most confident l have ever been.
If you aren’t sure about training with Jason, I would say it’s in your best interest too. You’ll achieve all your fitness goals and or learn to protect yourself.


Before I started training with Jason, I often had muscle soreness and at times didn't feel as strong and fit as I thought I should be. I often had trouble staying motivated to train, and missed the routine of going to the gym.
Once I started training with Jason, it was great because he implemented various routines for me, which helped me stay interested and not bored with what I was doing.
I had a gradual increase in fitness and strength. My enthusiasm for going to the gym returned. And most importantly, all my old aches and pains vanished.
Don't just go to gym, get a trainer like Jason. He keeps me accountable, makes my sessions more fun and enjoyable as well as encourages variety. Jason develops a program and strategy that suits you and your goals, and can help you take your results to the next level.

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