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Terms And Conditions

Appointment Punctuality:
Sessions will commence promptly at the appointed time so it’s a good idea to be ready a few minutes prior to you scheduled session time. If a session takes place at an agreed venue, it is acknowledged that any delays to the start of a scheduled appointment due to the client being late will not result in extended time. It is understood that if the client 15 minutes late, the session will be cancelled and the client will incur a session fee.
Payments must be made one week prior to the session.
Five and ten session packs are available for purchase.
*Five packs must be used within 10 weeks of purchase
*Ten packs must be used within 15 weeks of purchase

Cancellation Policy:
The most important factor in improving health is consistency. Training regularly and attending each workout is just as important as the quality of each workout. The nature of personal training requires that trainers make themselves available for times of the client’s needs. It is therefore expected that adequate prior notice be given when cancelling appointments. This minimises inconvenience to the trainer and allows time for your appointment to be rescheduled at a more convenient time for you. It is acknowledged that appointment times are reserved and that if a cancellation must be made, it must be done so for the following conditions

Non Attendance                   Full Fee

Less than 24 hours notice    Full Fee

More than 24 hours notice
No fee is charged if the cancelled session has been rescheduled within 3 days of original appointment at the availability of the trainer.
If a new appointment cannot be rescheduled within 3 days, full fee still applies.

Trainer cancels session  Free Complimentary Session

If client is late  No extra time will be given to the allocated appointment time

For Small Group Personal Training
If one or more parties need to cancel, the remainder of the party can still attend the session, but the full session fee will still incur. If the whole group needs to cancel, to above policy still applies.
*In some cases, trainer discretion will be applied for the full fee to be waved with less than 24 hours notice

Must do a minimum of one session per week. If session needs to be cancelled, 24 hours notice must be given and session must be rescheduled within that week. 
If session cant be rescheduled, that session has been forfeited.